Never one without the other…

The day of going back to work is approaching and I’m trying to squeeze as much art outta me as possible. I feel like a lemon. 

I bought these two square canvases and they were going to be linked and so here are more Wolf and Fox inspired drawings.

My eldest is just - trains this and trains that, I find trains in my bathroom and under my pillow. He will be turning two this month and I’m gonna hug him just a little longer everyday now. My youngest is probably getting his first tooth soon, so there is no shortage of saliva and “bubbles” (hehe). He smiles so much it makes me forget the backaches and the sleepless nights. Cheeky, I know.

Enjoy the pictures - these were a lot of fun.


Have a good weekend everyone!


Made a little something for the boys and maybe might make these a series.

"The adventure of Wolf and Fox" - did I make the story based on their names or did I name them that so I could make the story (mischievous smile).

Have a good weekend all!

I got busy today…

…with a 14.00 AED  canvas from Home Center.

It said it was a watercolor canvas so I had to try it since I hadn’t seen one before. Plus it was cheap, so I had nothing to lose except maybe my time.

So here’s how it went.

So I tried a masking effect - I forgot how much this stuff stinks, plus it isn’t easy to apply and sticks to your brush.


Then I started painting. Yaaaaay!


I can tell you this, I did like the watercolor effect on the blue area (because I was experimenting with different techniques) but not so much on the girl, I thought it was too grainy and didn’t give it a “finished” look. It just didn’t pop out as I intended it too.


Luckily, I had some oil paints around and this is what I ended up using on the girl and some concentrated watercolor. I had a lot of fun here.




Messy mess and JR with our sick lil Wolf.



I ended up scratching the mask effect and lifted off the blue color with a sponge. I was happier with this effect. Water color is easier to lift off canvas than on paper. Not the oil paints though, I had to use white oil paint for any mishaps. 

Well here she is, “Rabbit”. 

Thanks for reading this post.

A brief break.

Just wanted to give my personal experience on our Paris vacation because it was our first family trip. If we had gone to Oman, I’d like to believe I would’ve written about that instead.

Let’s start. I’ll try to keep talking to a minimum and more pictures (because pictures are pretty) .

We rented an apartment for the week which was good value compared to staying at a hotel; and it was in the center of Paris. The location was great - only problem was the STAIRS. 4th floor, narrow winding staircase and lugging around our two suitcases, a stroller and our 10kg son. Not an easy feat considering we are fat, lazy, couch potatoes. Those stairs haunt my dreams.

Some baby dilemmas were running out of milk, not all places had a baby changing room, and carrying the stroller and Eli up and down the stairs when using the Paris metro (I thought Dubai had too many unnecessary escalators… well, not anymore.)

Enough of the negatives. Positive was … it was Paris. It really does have magic. 

This will sound like a cliché but my favorite day was when we decided to go to the Eiffel Tower. We didn’t go up but I’m not crying about it (Hell no! The line was too long). We had way more fun chilling at the park with the Eiffel in view. Eli rode a carousel and we just watched the people sitting on the banks of the Seine River (life on the Seine).

Sunset was after 10 pm. ‘Nuff said.

I got my fill of art museums. My favorite was Musee d’Orsay and George Pompidou. The restaurant at the top had REALLY hot waitresses in short skirts and high heels… Oh and the view was amazing.

The best part was walking with Eli and JR; but it was also the death of us, mind you. Just the three of us exploring the streets of Paris. Given that traveling with a child doesn’t allow you to eat at fancy Paris restaurants or have a quiet evening, I enjoyed battling with my son to keep his socks on and making silly faces to make him laugh. Paris espressos helped a LOT too.

After a week, it was time to go home and we welcomed it as Eli got sick and we were looking forward to the comforts of Dubai and our flat.

It was a good break and now I know better for our next family trip.

Ok, now it’s picture time !


Little cafe on the corner from our apartment. Food was delish.

No balcony but Parisians still manage to put bright flowers outside their windows.


My boys up and ready to go!

Wet streets and cool morning/afternoon weather.


"Paul" is like Starbucks but for pastries and bread.


Tourists! Ahhh!

Is Stat tue? (is that you?)

Fun times with statues in the Louvre.

"I want his head on a silver platter." Beautiful, sad and morbid. I couldn’t stop staring at this painting.

JR, a happy and tired papa.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…"

Father and son bonding by the fountain.

mmmm…giant macaroon.


Not at all fazed by the massive paintings at Musee d’Orsay. 

Crazy modern “art” at George Pompidou.

Also some very handsome pieces as well. *wink wink*


After absorbing all that modern art, it’s great to sit outside and let it sink in.

These french beans were so damn good.

Stopped at a busy cafe on the way to the Eiffel. Eli also had an epic ‘pupu’ right after.

I loved this day <3

Not sure if Eli was interested in the grass or his papa’s shoes here.

Learning to walk with a little help.

Playing with the grass.

Picking up or falling down?

We couldn’t find a wolf so we had to make do with a lion.

I think this is manly. I really do.

Always happy when someone waves back to the tourists in the boats.  

Two guys having a laugh.

So much “kick” in these tiny cups.


Looking up for Quasimodo. 

It’s Babar! (Sudden memory rush of channel 33) 

"Will I even remember any of this?" Probably not.

Indulge? center roundabout doesn’t look so bad right now.

Paris is damn beautiful at sunset. (10:45pm)

Hope you guys enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading.


Something is cooking…

I’m working on a collab with this super awesome fabulous artist and friend. Stay tune!

Paying tribute

I’ve been a real big fan of Charmaine Olivia since I stumbled on her artwork on Urban Outfitters (yes, call me a hipster).

Now I follow her on instagram, twitter and facebook. Stalker much? I did say I was a fan, right?

To show my support and have some of her awesomeness to call my own *squeal* ..I bought some of her signed poster prints to adorn my home. 

Here are my treasures; Sadira and Nautica.


 Some close-up yet artistic bokeh shots:

I’m a sucker for animal skulls. 

Ocean theme tattoos and boobie goodness.

They’re authentic baby! Boo-ya. 

Some day I hope to own one of her originals. Maybe when Eli is done with college. 

Thanks all for reading and if you would like to check out more of her wonderful works this is her site .

Happy weekend everyone! 

Fly me to the moon …

My son brings out my creativity these days… he is my muse. (my previous muses were cigarettes, alcohol and rock and roll music - one of these hasn’t changed hehe.)

So my new project was… PAINTING ON MY SON’S BEDROOM WALL! *exhale*

Like his papa, I can only hope that my son would like things all science, nerdy and Lego. So I decided to draw him a rocket-ship and the title of my favorite Frank Sinatra song. A bit of me and my hubby.

Photo and clever caption time:

I literally got out of bed and went straight to work in fear that my determination would fade away if I brushed my teeth or washed my face. Pajamas and sleepy smile. Yey.


Can you spot the boo boo? this is why I’m the artist and my husband is the literate one. 

Rocket ! zoooom!


A little creative correction and a magic ladder.


My son playing in his crib while watching me. Lookie stars!

Inking in Juno font…

and Voila! 

Now for some happy photos with the wall art and Eli dressed as a Lion - Rawr.


Thanks all for reading and looking. Bye for now.

My Smiling Wolf

I started this piece when I was 8 months pregnant to portray my unborn child and only got to finish it after my son was born. I used my husband’s childhood picture as a reference.

Here are some of my in-progress snaps:


If you can do laundry and art at the same time - that’s what I call “multi-tasking”.

Inking in the wolf..

  And woohoo! the finish work! Watercolors and ink.

I couldn’t have done it without my muse, he was such an angel for sleeping most of the morning and allowing mama to finish this piece.

Dedicated to my son, Eli Wolfgang Cosio Liwag, “My Smiling Wolf”. I Love you.

Painting graffiti - completed!

So I finally completed the project I mentioned in my last post. (woohoo!)

Took me longer than I had wanted, but at least it was completed before the arrival of my son. I made some modifications along the way and I’m pretty happy with the results. I used myself as a reference so that’s probably why the woman looks a lot like me. My favorite part was the hair - I like the style and will probably use it more often.

Anyways, without further a do - here it is!

I like how stingrays glide in the water - like flying through the air.

 ”Whales” in tagalog are “Balyena” :)

I think Jellyfishes are prudy.

The girl with the tentacle hair.

The finished piece …

… hung over my son’s crib.

This is dedicated to my “imminent” prodigy, with all my love.

I’m currently working on modifying a painting given to me by Majeigh (thanks again mare!). I was thinking of hanging it over the baby’s crib, I think I’m still in the “nesting” phase of my pregnancy. Anywho, it will just be lineart because I think the painting is nice as it is and it’s not a collectors piece so I feel no regrets for doodling on it. Thus, I will doodle away.

Now for some teaser pictures. It’s a nautical theme by the way including tentacle - goodness.